Those who made the supreme sacrifice from the Parish

Service branch and place of death

World War II

St. Boniface Parish

  • Roy Allgeyer, Army, Belgium

  • William J. Kleintank, Air Corp., DeBack, England

  • Donald Roa, Army, Camp Livingston, Louisana

St. James Parish

  • Charles R. Bryan, Army, Anzio, Italy

  • William P. Currie, Army, Germany

  • Edward W. Fielding, Army, Chauniot, France

  • Leroy E. Green, Army, North Africa

  • Robert H. Kreimborg, Marines, Iwo Jima 

  • Thomas R. Lang, Marines, Bougainville

  • A. Thomas McLaughlin, Marines, South Pacific

  • John J. McLaughlin, Marines, Okinawa

  • James L. Murphy, Army, Normandy, France

  • Andrew G. Stewart, Army, Campeaux, France


St. James Parish

  • Nicholas Wagman, Marines, Quang Nam, Vietnam