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Those who made the supreme sacrifice from the Parish

Service branch and place of death

Spanish American War

St. James

Patrick Kerrigan, Army, Battle of San Juan Puerto Rico

World War II

St. Boniface Parish

  • Roy Allgeyer, Army, Belgium

  • William J. Kleintank, Air Corp., DeBack, England

  • Donald Roa, Army, Camp Livingston, Louisana

St. James Parish

  • Charles R. Bryan, Army, Anzio, Italy

  • William P. Currie, Army, Germany

  • Edward W. Fielding, Army, Chauniot, France

  • Leroy E. Green, Army, North Africa

  • Robert H. Kreimborg, Marines, Iwo Jima 

  • Thomas R. Lang, Marines, Bougainville

  • A. Thomas McLaughlin, Marines, South Pacific

  • John J. McLaughlin, Marines, Okinawa

  • James L. Murphy, Army, Normandy, France

  • Andrew G. Stewart, Army, Campeaux, France


St. James Parish

  • Nicholas Wagman, Marines, Quang Nam, Vietnam

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