We are proud to share the rich history of Catholicism in Ludlow, Kentucky...

St. Boniface Parish

On May 12, 1872, the cornerstone of St. Boniface Church was set into place. In November of the same year, St. Boniface was dedicated. The church was built to serve the German-speaking population that had settled in the Ludlow-Bromley area at the time. This first building was a much simpler structure and the current extant building was dedicated on August 13, 1893 on Adela Street.

St. James Parish

St. James Church was dedicated on May 1, 1887 and was established for English-speaking, Irish Catholics. The current structure on Oak Street was a new Gothic Revival Church and was dedicated on October 9, 1904.

Sts. Boniface & James

In 1980, Bishop William Hughes directed that St. Boniface Parish and St. James parishes be merged into one parish. A committee made up of members from both parishes evaluated the two campuses and it was decided that the campus currently housing St. James Church would serve as the new home for the Catholic Church in Ludlow. Today, Sts. Boniface & James Parish continues to serve the Catholic community in the Ludlow-Bromley area by preaching the Good News of the Gospel.

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St. Boniface